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Boarding Programme

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Introduction of Boarding Programme
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The Boarding Programme at St Stephen’s Preparatory School (SSCPS) is a mandatory staple programme offered to all Grade 6 students. The programme provides a 10-months-long away from home experience where our students will learn physical, mental and emotional independence. Many will build lifelong friendships with their peers, and the programme represents a golden opportunity for our pupils to polish and enhance their social skills through peer interaction.

In the 10-month programme, pupils will not only be tasked to take care of themselves through the daily routine, but also learn to collaborate and build teamwork with others in various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, community services and adventure-based trainings.

We aim to develop our students in the following key areas: Independence and Responsibility, Confidence, Social Skills including Conflict Resolution skills and Strong Work Ethic.

The SSCPS Boarding Programme is mainly divided into four areas of training:

  • Life-skill Training
  • Personal Management
  • Community Service
  • Cultural Activities

It is our goal to help our students grow up as individuals with the ability to think and live independently, with positive and motivated personalities, and be prepared to pursue their further studies abroad or in Hong Kong.

Ethics Education Programme

The School is dedicated to nurture and develop positive character traits in the students.

The theme of our Ethics Education Programme this year is We are One in the Bond of Love. Co-curricular activities under this theme will be arranged to instil a series of positive characteristics in our students.